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Bioinspired Thinking Lean for Health

Growing by giving way to what really matters


The program will start october the 1st.



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Do you feel there’s something wrong in healthcare?

  • Is work often stressful?

  • Are you often struggling just to get the work done?

  • Is finding fulfillment in your work getting harder and harder?

  • Do you find bureaucracy too time consuming, distracting and limiting?

  • Do you feel health & care should be about people.  Not about systems, numbers or economics?

Discover how we will help organisations & professionals like you

We are fully aware of the complexity and many hardships in healthcare. We have experienced that only by doing the needed overview, mindset, skills and perseverance to overcome all of the obstacles can be developed.

With our help, you now can shorten your learning curve. So you can organize your work in such a way that you will have time to care.

Our programs facilitate developing  the needed overview, mindset and skills by doing. Step by step. The strength of our programs can be found in the combination of the unique qualities, knowledge and expertise of all the highly experienced experts.  From inside and outside Health.




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Discover Bioinspired Thinking Lean for Healthcare

What makes HealthVisionars so different ?

Common patterns can be observed in successful business, innovation, change and transformation across industries, geographies, and time. These patterns, these principles are at odds with what we are being taught in school.

We have combined these principles found in the “greatest hits” of business strategy, innovation, change, behavior science, design thinking, and more. We have packaged it all. Adapted and fine tuned for Health.

HealthVisionars gives you a tried and tested framework you can follow as you tackle problems while you lead your transformation, innovation or business.


Dates and locations


October 1st, 2018 | Start Online Program