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We Help you Lead in Health Transformation

Give way to Human Touch - Embrace Technology & Change - Revolutionize Your Business

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Do You Struggle With Innovation & Change ?

  • Is it time to revamp your business and health model?

  • Do you feel health & care should be about people, not about economics?

  • Do you find bureaucracy is too time consuming, distracting and limiting?

  • Are you struggling with resistance to change and lack of adoption?

  • Do you need a shared vision that sets in motion?

  • Do you find it hard to quiet talking and start doing?

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I look back on a very inspiring and informative period.A challenge that I definitely recommend to others.
It opens your eyes. It makes you stand still and makes you aware of your challenges.

Daphne B. Hendriks

Consultant pharmacy & primary care, Tolman CS

I have experienced almost all other programs and incubators, including the renowned ones. So I can honestly say this program is special. It really works! Will give you more and has a lot more impact. Highly recommended!

Ignar Rip

FabNHSStuff ambassador. Founder,

Very inspiring experience that challenges you to take steps that you would not have made before. An experience that allows you to grow organically. No pre-chewed matter but learning by doing and an implicit learning curve. Highly recommended.

Tie Tjee

Vendor Chair , IHE-Netherlands

HealthVisionars works for 

Those devoted to human driven Health and Healthcare

  • Healthcare professionals

  • Healthcare organisations

  • Healthcare payers


  • Healthcare Industry

  • eHealth developpers

  • Healthtech Startups


If you want to transform Health, you need HealthVisionars

What makes HealthVisionars so different ?

In successful business, innovation, change and transformation across industries, geographies, and time common patterns can be observed. These patterns, these principles are at odds with what we are being taught in school.

We have combined these six principles found in the “greatest hits” of business strategy, innovation, change, behavior science, design thinking, and more. We have packaged it all. Adapted and fine tuned for Health.

HealthVisionars gives you a tried and tested framework you can follow as you tackle problems while you lead your transformation, innovation or business.